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The Brass Tacks:

First, a definition. IAM Platform is an acronym that stands for Information Access and Management Platform. The IAM Platform of Products and Services is not like any company you have ever worked with before. That's not scary, that's the way things are moving. We believe in a more evolved and dignified work relationship. We've moved beyond cubicles, unassigned seating, work lounges or telecommuting and brought individual ownership to information work. We believe that the best work is done by those who are free to do that work in their own way with oversight by those they respect and invite into their world and consider partners, not bosses. We believe in freedom.

What work we give is based upon the merit of an individual's or a team's completed work, not on seniority or favor or any other metric. We are completely meritocratic and driven by the highest quality deliverable to the client. Our internal measuring metrics give us ratings on projects and this is coupled with the feedback from the client. Only the best teams get the projects we feed out onto the network. We work with hundreds of projects all around the world everyday and that number continues to grow because of the outstanding work we can do and at a price that reflects absolutely ZERO inherited overhead. What we need, we create project by project, every time.

Our Products and Services:

As an information company formed by information professionals, we have evolved as sort of a bi-directional entity. The first direction we have evolved toward is that of an informational institution, a community, a network, a support structure, a sharing economy and a family. The second direction we have evolved toward is as a development platform. Information workers develop new information technology at blinding speeds and ideas that are born from these technological leaps are giving birth to even better ideas every day. For this reason we are developing a marketplace upon which every IAM Platform partner and member can work with others to generate synergy and more and better collaboration in order to bring more and better ideas to fruition. This creates an amazing amount of energy and momentum and our Partners and Members feel it from day one. As such our information technology is shared and utilized across the IAM Network and our services are the very services that our collective might allows us to offer. This hub just allows us to make sure that clients are moved to the proper teams in a timely manner and that those projects, and the resources they require, are overseen in a proper way toward completion, so that the clients feel comfortable with a single source for information on their project and our Partners and Members feel comfortable that they are represented in a responsible way that protects their hard work. It's a win win scenario that just keeps growing and getting better every day. We'll be the first to tell you, it's not a handout. You have to be a certain kind of person to make it here.

Our Invitation:

If you are a resourceful, talented, driven, passionate and reasonable information professional who wants to embark upon an amazing journey learning more every day and working with others on projects world wide we encourage you to join our Network. If you are a client looking for the highest quality information professionals to service your success in today's information economy then we encourage you to join our Network. Either way, let's start a conversation and see where it takes us! After all, information is the infinite product!

Meet Benjamin, Our Founder.

Hi! I'm, Benjamin Alexander De Mers and I founded the IAM Platform of Products and Services! From the time I was 20 years old until today 31 years later, I have steadily grown this idea from one small office in Milwaukee Wisconsin to the global presence that it is today. What a ride it has been. I never imagined that it would be where it is today and it is a dream come true not only for myself but for all those who have come to call it their passion as well. I would love to work with you and help you do what you do best while working for yourself! Check out my Bio if you want. Thanks for stopping by!

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